The Zen of Public Speaking


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When given the choice of whether to go up on stage or die, I would have chosen to die.

– Donnie Osmond 

Such a common sentiment. Yet many of us must get up on stage to speak publicly. It is either part of our job, part of being an active member of our community or part of our social life. 

The Zen of Public Speaking is a comprehensive program which offers you:

  • mastery by letting go 
  • the skills to manage anxiety 
  • the way to be your natural self, the first giant step towards successful public speaking 
  • the means to establish a dialogue with your audience 
  • effectiveness through quality of presence 
  • knowledge of the art and language of rhetoric 
  • guidance with the composition of masterful and effective presentations 
  • speech/presentation writing services 
  • coaching with your actual delivery 
  • private, workshop and corporate instruction 

The Approach

The Zen of Public Speaking is a unique blend of eastern and western approaches. It teaches, for example, how to put the natural anxiety we feel about public speaking to work for us. It makes use of expanding our field of awareness, the Relaxation Response, breathwork and meditation.

The Linchpin to making successful presentations is confidence. Learn how to walk on stage confidently and how to hold on to that confidence even when challenged. Learn about the five ways to build the confidence you need for making effective, even dynamic presentations. Learn:

  • the nuts and bolts of how to be prepared 
  • how to prepare your instrument – you 
  • the gentle yet ferocious art of being present 
  • how to create mindful awareness so you can be your authentic self and respond to the audience spontaneously and effectively even when challenged 
  • how to generate and project your passion resulting in memorable, dynamic deliveries that will impress and influence your audience 
  • how to evolve your own personal style 

Qualified Instruction

Expert guidance by award-winning speakers with over 10 years' training experience and a master's degree in the behavioural sciences. 

Who Can Benefit

Actors, performers, business speakers, politicians, community leaders, educators, professional trainers and, of course, the father of the bride. 

Managing Anxiety

You will not eradicate anxiety so you might as well learn how to put it to work for you. You will learn techniques to manage fear.  


Quality of Presence

You will come to understand that public speaking is a dialogue or interaction. To interact, you have to "be" there. And in much the same way you are "there" when just chatting with a friend. Quality of presence is everything. We will show you how you can establish a dialogue with your audience. 

Presenting With Passion

You will learn the principle of "thralldom" which dictates that you have a right to show up at your shining best; in fact your audience would prefer it that way; they want to come away from your presentation totally impressed. Genuine enthusiasm is infectious. 

Rhetorical Skills

The secrets of Churchill can be yours. Learn age-old techniques for stirring audiences with your message. Learn to use your body and voice to best advantage. 

Training Packages

Training programs are designed to meet the expressed needs of you, the client. A thorough needs assessment determines the course of the instruction. 

Speech/Presentation Writing Services

Highly skilled writers and rhetoricians are at your disposal to assist with the mounting of your presentation or with the writing of your speech. In addition, you will receive sound advice regarding the inclusion of visual aids. 

Customized Coaching With Your Delivery

We shine at putting you through your paces and showing you how to deliver your presentation for greatest effect. We will advise on how to use your voice, your body, your facial expressions. We will even show you how to inject humour and humanity into your delivery. You will have them eating out of the palm of your hand! 


Video Feedback

 Available where needed.