My Qualifications Include:

My Training and Experience Include:

  • private practice since 1993
  • an internship at Humber River Regional Hospital Community Mental Health Clinic
  • a second internship in individual, relationship and group counselling at Family Services York Region
  • a two year mentorship with Dr. Larry Kopman, registered psychologist and leading Toronto instructor of individual and group counselling as well as the transpersonal psychologies
  • regular participation in professional development seminars in order to maintain currency with new developments in my field
  • supervision of counselling students in fulfilling their degree requirements
  •  bi-monthly attendance at peer supervision sessions
  • over 20 years of study of yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices
  • I am currently an eager student of A Course in Miracles and look forward to working with clients who are interested in that path of self-development 

About My Practice


Holistic Psychotherapy

I would term my practice holistic.  And there are a number of reasons for that:

Firstly holism is defined as the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  And that is really how I view therapy or counselling.  When we put the first committed step down and forward, that act marshalls all manner of unseen forces in our favour.  Books, teachers, and messages appear.  Help materializes from unforeseen sources.

Secondly, holism is whole person therapy.  I may be a mental health professional; however, I am keenly aware of how sound mental health rests upon a solid foundation of robust physical health.  So, if you come to me, for example, suffering from anxiety and depression, I will take an interest in your lifestyle habits.  I will ask you what you had for breakfast, how much alcohol you consume and when was the last time you had any fresh air and exercise. 

In addition, I subscribe to eco-psychology, a branch of psychology that understands the value of our connection to the natural world and its impact on our mind states.

And thirdly, I will be curious about what sense you are able to make of your suffering. What are the beliefs that hold you together when you are suffering the most? And sometimes the work we do together can see you through to some kind of spiritual awakening, some altered relationship with the human experience.